What are the main goals of the classes?

Flexibility, muscle tone, balance, agility and coordination to sum it up!

do i need some experience in gymnastics?

Absolutely Not! We teach you all the moves you need to know to participate in the program. However, if you did do some form of gymnastics or dance in your youth then you will be sure to love our training method!

Do I need to be able to touch my toes or do the splits?

Our courses will help you progress towards these achievements at your own pace. For our advanced classes this would be advantageous but our beginner courses are suitable for everyone.

how much does it cost?

Take part in one of our exclusive Limber Ladies training courses in the state of the art facilities at Chuan Spa inside The Langham Hotel for only $240 per 8 wk course. As part of your commitment you will get access to our cutting edge flexibility training programs which are not available at any other gym or studio and free onsite parking.

do you offer trial classes?

After looking at the Limber Ladies page on the website, having a read FAQ’s and checking out some videos on our youtube channel most people know if the training appeals to them or not and therefore, we don’t offer trial classes. However in the rare case that you are not satisfied after your first session you can request a credit to instead use for private sessions to work on a personal program.

“I’m so grateful I signed up for limber on a whim.
I’ve never progressed and learnt so much from just one class a week! I truly look forward to class every week.” Hannah McLaughlin


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