2 hours of fun & fitness

Learning handstand technique involves a multifunctional training method that improves your body strength, coordination and balance.  Our Handstand Essentials Workshop is an off-wall method which will teach you to take control over your limbs, core and back and set you on the path to achieving a perfect handstand. Inverted postures such as handstands which involve working against gravity challenge you to improve your self-confidence and disciple and lead to supreme body awareness.



Our Workshop Structure

  • Achieve a Solid Handstand from the Floor Up
  • Leave the Wall Behind and be able to Handstand Anywhere
  • Strengthen your Shoulders, Core & Back
  • Develop Safe Ways to Support your Weight on your Hands
  • Learn Basic and Advance drills for Weekly Practice
  • Achieve Different Handstands Shapes eg: Straight, Tuck, Straddle, Arch and Transitions between these Shapes
  • Increase your Handstand Holding Time
  • Work towards Different Entries into Handstands
  • Improve your confidence whether you are a beginner or advance handstander

Here's how: A perfect handstand doesn’t come over night, hand and wrist strength, conditioning and body line drills to strengthen the handstand 'line' are a core aspect of our workshop. Muscle & Strength development are a key advantage of handstand training, particularly improvements in upper body strength and shoulder stability which is helpful for other sporting and acrobatic disciplines.




Our Handstand Workshops has been proudly presented in Pilates Studios, Yoga Studios, Fitness Clubs & Circus Schools around the World
— Australia, Mexico, Germany & Italy.