Learn & train like a world athlete

Our Rhythmic Gymnastics Flexibility Workshops are available for beginner 'stretchers' through to professional dancers and athletes with specific performance goals. We have adapted the comprehensive warm up programs that Rhythmic Gymnasts perform on a daily basis and made them available in a fitness and flexibility program suitable for different levels and ages. You and your studio/school will walk away with a whole encyclopedia of new flexibility exercises for improving range of motion in the hips, hamstrings, back and shoulders. Learn the techniques used by the most flexible athletes in the World! 



Our Workshop Structure

  • Get the Muscles Warm & Ready for Stretching
  • P'N'F partner stretching
    (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) 
  • Dynamic stretching including controlled pulses
  • Theraband Exercises for the Hips & Shoulders
  • Leg Kicks Lying, Standing & Travelling
  • 0.5 kg Leg Weights to improve ROM & Power
  • Passive Stretching including Splits, Supersplits & Progressions 
  • Back Extensions including Backbends & Backraises
  •  Gymnastics Based Core Strength
  •  Injury Prevention Pilates Cool Down
    Optional Extras
  • Floor Acrobactics eg chest-stands & elbow-stands
  • Plyometric Jump Training (eg for dancers/sports aerobics)

If you did some gymnastics, dance in the past or were a sporty child then you will love the Limber Flexibility Programs and be surprised how much your body remembers. 

Our Flexibility Workshops developed by Lauren Skopal are unlike any other programs
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