Our FLEX-PRO WORKSHOPS specifically for Calisthenics Clubs teach warm up programs from Rhythmic Gymnastics which provide an all encompassing dynamic flexibility program taught in a fun and interactive environment. Lauren Skopal, who developed the Flex-Pro Program could not be more qualified, she is a former Rhythmic Gymnastics National Medalist now International Circus Performer, Degree Qualified Exercise Scientist, Gymnastics Australia Accredited Coach & Certified Stott Pilates Instructor.

The Handstand Component

Developed by International Circus Performer & Qualified Fitness Training Brian Garcia. The Handstand Program is 1 hour and combines exercises from Gymnastics, Circus & Muscle Activation Technique along with some fun games which will have the girls confident on their Handstands in no time!

Handstand Structure

  • Handstand preparation Exercises
  • Confidence Drills on the Hands
  • Understanding the Biomechanics of a Handstand
  • Hand Positioning- Your Control Panel
  • How to find the Vertical Line
  • Different handstand shapes- Straight, Staddle, Stag & Arch Handstand
  • Conditioning for Handstands
  • Partner Exercises for Balancing Handstands in the Centre
  • Elbow Stands vs Head Stands

The Flexibility Component

1 hour for Sub-Juniors & 2 hours for Juniors & above. It begins with our signature Flexibility Body-Preparation which has the girls ready to improve their Split lines, Kicking and Jumping power, Back Bends, Leg Mounts and Acrobatic Flexibility Tricks including Walkovers, Illusions and Elbow Stands just to name a few!

Flexibility Structure

  • 1 Hr Rhythmic Gymnastics Body Prep

  • Combination of Passive, Dynamic & P'N'F Partner Stretching
  • Body Tension & Core Strength Drills 
  • Use of Controlled Pulses when Stretching
  • Alignment for Splits & Supersplits
  • Exercises for your Back Bend
  • Control of Lying and Standing Kicks
  • Walkover & Variations
  • Illusions
  • Jump/Leap Drills for increasing Power and Range

Our Flex-Pro Workshops has been proudly taught to Calisthenics Clubs around Victoria and South Australia”


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