bEST Pilates & Body Toning IN MELBOURNE

The Pilates Exercise System strengthens both the mind and the body and provides a safe and invigorating workout for adults of all ages. Pilates is an invaluable cross training tool for avoiding injuries and muscle imbalance created from repetitive movements. Unlike gym workouts and classes, Pilates lengthens, shapes and strengthens your muscles through full range of motion without creating unnecessary muscle bulk.

Our Melbourne Pilates expert Lauren Skopal is a certified Stott Pilates Instructor educated in Mat, Studio, Reformer Pilates, Injuries and Special Populations. While having completed the Stott method herself she also has had influences from other pilates methods. Lauren has a special interest in Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation of the hip joint as well as body toning for females. During her teaching Lauren also draws from her knowledge in Exercise Science and Gymnastics and she typically provides more flexibility focus in her sessions than most Pilates instructors.

What are the health benefits you will get

  • Improved Muscle Tone and Suppleness

  • Improved Functional Strength

  • Balanced Muscular Development
  • Injury Prevention through the activation of Deep Stabilising Muscles
  • Improved Posture
  • Improved Balance and Co-ordination
  • Increased Flexibility

  • A Safe and Invigorating Workout

Here's How:  Our Melbourne Pilates sessions begin with muscle release to help you loosen those tight muscles (eg hamstrings, gluteaus, hips, psoas) and proceeds to a challenging workout from the core out! The results from pilates come for effective muscle patterning. Just repeating exercises is not enough, it's how you create new and effective muscle activations that will translate from your exercises in the studio to your everyday activities. 


Our Home Studio Pilates classes are small group classes (maximum 4 participants) suitable for beginner to advanced clients. Everyone is working on their own program; some more strength based others more flexibility based. Injury prevention, effective muscle patterning and increased range of motion are all key goals addressed in this class. Clients rotate between exercises on the mat, reformer and stability chair which provides a challenging and well rounded workout. Our Pilates teacher Lauren draws from her extensive knowledge in pilates, exercise science and gymnastics to create innovative sessions for the clients.  She will take you from the basic ABC's (Alignment, Breathing, Centering) right through to more advanced exercises with leg weights, therabands and core work on the foam roller. The class serves as a good pre workout to other training, activating your deep stabilisers or as a stand alone conditioning session.