Male Stretching Programs


Stretching in a Man's World

Flexibility training is one of the most undervalued areas of conditioning among male athletes and gym goers.

When you sign up for the men's (male) stretching class taught by Brian Garcia, you are on the way to developing an athletic advantage in your field. At Limber we commonly work with a range of athletes in our Melbourne stretching classes from football players, tennis players, basketball players to martial artists, pro golfers and rock climbers, just to name a few. A more flexible athlete is a more mobile athlete which has positive implications for both skill acquisition and performance. It is commonly acknowledged that static stretching prior to power based events can be detrimental to performance. However, it is important that a separate flexibility session is included in the training week to maintain adequate range of motion for greater ease of movement and reduced risk of injury.

Male stretching exercises at Limber not only loosen tight muscles but also challenge your stability, core strength, and body awareness. Common goals of these sessions include increased hamstring, calf and shoulder flexibility along with increased mobility through all sections of the spine and improved hip mobility and strength. We will happily design a program to meet your training needs.

Our Male Stretching Trainer

Brian is the developer of our Handstand Essentials Program and is our Male Mobility expert. His Handstand Workshops are popular around the globe with lovers of fitness, yoga and acrobatics. He is also a qualified personal trainer and group fitness instructor but don't expect your regular fitness session....Brian keeps all his clients on their toes with his broad range of experience from all over the world.

Brian's knowledge spans far beyond the fitness realm, he is an aerial acrobat with a professional career of seven years in the international entertainment industry. He understands the benefits of both bodyweight training and conventional gym training and combines these methods in innovative and challenging workouts.  His bright and encouraging manner is popular with his clients and being so widely travelled he connects well with people from all cultures and backgrounds.