Aerial Workshop at PoleArts Freiburg


While the founder of Limber Sports Performance Lauren Skopal was performing at the prestigious Europa Park Dinner Show this summer she also took the time to visit Polearts in Freiburg to share some knowledge with the students and teachers there. 

PoleArts, founded by renowned Pole Dancer and Fitness Competitor Sammy Lee has been running in Freiburg since 2011. While the studio began primarily with Pole Dance they recently introduced aerial hoop classes in September 2017. Zoe, PoleArts Hoop instructor was the instigator to introduce hoop into the studio and got her inspiration from Body & Pole in NY.

Image of Sammy Lee by Looking Sharp Photography   

Image of Sammy Lee by Looking Sharp Photography


Being a relatively new venture for the studio and Zoe, they warmly welcomed Lauren to the studio to share her expertise. The focus of Lauren's workshop was Aerial flexibility and included Limber's signature Belarussian Bodyprep Warm Up. For those of you who haven't tried it, the Warm Up program is an adapted program from Elite Rhythmic Gymnastics modified to suit adults who want to improve their flexibility and body tone.

Zoe pole arts.jpg

The Aerial Hoop/Lyra component of the workshop began with a shoulder preparation and core aerial strengthening drills that every professional aerialist completes on a regular basis. Next, we worked on three new graceful entrances for the students to start their sequences on the hoop. Lastly, we tried a few different flexibility shapes on the hoop including several splits and back arches and discussed which exercises on the floor can help the students to achieve these extreme positions in the air. Before going home the students rolled their backs out with some pilates spine curls to reduce soreness and stiffness after an intense 2.5 hours workout. 

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We had a great time teaching at Polearts in Freiburg and we look forward to returning there again early in the year for a follow-up workshop to see how the girls have improved with their new exercises. Big thanks to pole dancer and Fitness personality Sammy Lee who welcomed us to her studio. We wish her the best as she soon makes a transition to living in America. 

If you would like to book our Aerial Flexibility Workshop at your Pole Dance or Aerial school feel free to contact us at Both Lauren and Brian from Limber Sports Performance will be in Stuttgart from Feb 19th- May 14th and then recommencing workshops in Melbourne following this.